The Mandalas Flower

So, I was just pinning away on Pinterest when suddenly I was stopped dead in my tracks. It was love at first sight and I had to make it. It’s a Mandalas Flower pouch by Nimuae on deviantART. I joined just so I could see the rest of it and trust me it gets more bad ass as you click. I didn’t want to do the whole pouch, just the flower.

Here is my attempt:

A little bigger now:

Close up

I’m not sure what I want to do with it, but I have a few ideas. I’m sure you do also, here is the original tutorial. And the other tutorial that is on deviantART if you do not wish to join. Have Fun!


Apparently this is called Macrame, and more specifically Cavandoli Macrame. Which blows my friggin mind because I always thought macramé was this:

Which reminds me of something granny would have in her house. ( Not to diss granny, I mean I do knit and crochet so I thoroughly enjoy granny’s crafts ) But really? Macrame? Wow! I loved making friendship bracelets and I still do, I just never thought it was related to Macrame. But anywho I’m totally into it and I cant wait to learn more.


Melted Crayon ArtClose up of Melted Crayon ArtCircle Melted Crayon Art

So I drew a circle with a compass and just continued from there. There are endless possibilities. I’d like to see your projects so post a link in the comments 🙂 For directions click here

Feelin’ the love

Wow! I’m glad that so many of you liked the Melted Crayon Art post.  I’ve taken a little break from crafting to enjoy being married and now it seems that we are relocating. I needed something to ease the stress so I have another Melted Crayon picture to post this weekend. Here’s a sneak peek.

Something about the glow of the little flame and the smell of crayons eases my nerves. In addition to that I’ve also become a master gardener. Who Knew?! I sure didn’t. We’ve had crazy success with our garden this year, even in the middle of a drought and water ban.

We really worked hard this year because it’s just failed in previous years. We tilled the soil then put down weed fabric. We cut out the hole for the plants and then used peat moss to install the plants or seeds. I really think the peat moss did the trick. Then we mulched to help the plants retain some moisture and it turned out great. My garden is completely organic. Just sunlight and water 🙂

We planted rosemary, basil, broccoli, carrots, spinach, collard greens, a ton of tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, sweet corn, green beans, sweet peppers, hot peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers, and zucchini! A little too much for that area. And we didn’t realize that planting cucumbers and pumpkins close together would cause cross-pollination so we have orange cucumbers!

But I also planted red sunflowers and they are gorgeous! I hope they come back next year.

Candy Cane Wreath

I love Daily Craft and I check their Facebook page regularly for neat crafty ideas. Recently I stumbled across this jewel: Candy Cane Wreath.  I’ve always wanted to make a traditional wreath but my husband is not a fan of them. I think this is a cool compromise 🙂 It was really easy to make and I added my own decorations that I found at Michael’s.


Melted Crayon Art

I came across this project the other day on Helping Little Hands and I thought it would be something fun that my step-daughter and I could do together. I love that she’s artsy and enjoys cool crafts.

Supplies for Melted Crayon Art

You will need:

  • Adult supervision obviously. My step-daughter is 7, and we went through the “Never do this without an adult” talk.
  • Tea lights
  • Crayons ( Kroger has them for $.39 right now!)
  • Canvas board or canvas panels
  • pencils
  • white eraser

So, first you need to sketch your design idea lightly in pencil on the canvas. If you mess up don’t panic, that’s why we have an eraser.

Line design and Melted Crayon

Make sure that you’ve peeled the crayons and gotten most of the paper off. Lightly melt the wax on the end of the crayon. I like to turn it in the flame so I have more control of the wax and it gives you cleaner drips on the canvas. Play around with it and you will develop your own technique.

Melting the crayon

Work slowly and turn your canvas so you aren’t dripping all over your picture. If you do drip in the wrong place, wait for the wax to cool and then scratch it up with your fingernail. It shouldn’t take much.

Following the line design

Have fun and make something beautiful!

Amiya's Project

My step-daughter’s creation 🙂

Melted Crayon Art Project 2Paisley Melted Crayon Art


My new little sister, Tori, introduced me to Kumihimo. Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding technique that creates beautiful cords made by interlacing strands of floss or yarn. She showed me friendship bracelets that she made using this technique and they are super cool. It took me awhile to catch on but when I did, I discovered it was really fun and relatively easy.


Your supplies are simple: a Kumihimo disk- I paid about $13 for mine, and DMC colored floss or a DK yarn – either are pretty inexpensive at Michael’s or Joann’s.


The disk is a must. It is lightweight and made of foam; mine is round and has 32 notches. You can also get a Maru dai for thicker yarn or string. With the Maru dai you can make braids that are flat, four-sided, or hollow. You can even add beads to your pattern and make some amazing things. So many possibilities!


There are three levels of difficulty: K1 for beginner,K2 for intermediate, and K3 for expert

I found a couple quick patterns here. Have fun and Happy Braiding!

Update: August 29,2012

Look for videos on YouTube. This one was helpful: RubberStanpRosie

You can also find free patterns for many friendship bracelets here at friendship-bracelets.net

Subway Seat Yarn Bomb

Guerrilla knitter Ishknits yarn bombs a subway seat on Philadelphia’s Blue Line.